Presentation Title:

  • Intersection*ology




  • Intersection*ology is an experimental stage piece and art installation-in-motion co-created and performed by artists Lori Hepner and Kendra Ross. The piece consists of lighting, image and video elements designed by Hepner in conjunction with musical compositions by Ross with their collaborative movement throughout. Working at the intersection between art, gender, race, and technology, Hepner & Ross use light, sound, movement, and image to situate memories of the feminine past and corporeality in the natural world into new, technologically mediated locations and spaces. The artists insert sonic and image-based queries at particular points in how they process women’s pasts into future technological landscapes of digital information. In doing so, Hepner & Ross explore how their physical, female selves are adapting, morphing, rejoicing and revolting to/in how they are perceived both physically and digitally, as their digital ecologies grow parallel to that of their physical ecologies in this new space.