“IntuiTweet: Corporeal Excavations of Social Networking” presented by Kozel, Rouhiainen and Keinanen


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  • Motion Lab

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  • IntuiTweet: Corporeal Excavations of Social Networking




  • The IntuiTweet project elaborates a dance perspective on Twitter emphasizing corporeal, expressive and aesthetic depth. The act of basing tweets on an intuitive corporeal moment, sending them to a social network, and then re-integrating them into our bodies only to re-tweet the new movement is an example of relational performative engagement through social media. It is also a form of dance improvisation.

    Twitter has been both celebrated as a medium to convey our social zeitgeist and dismissed as a fundamentally superficial and disembodied epiphenomenon of social networking. This project began as an impulse to challenge the latter sentiment and to extract depth, physicality and poetry from a pervasive mode of cultural expression. Poets know the power of using a few carefully selected words, visual artists know the power of an image, or even fragment of an image, and dancers need very little to generate haunting improvisations: a word, sound, or colour is sufficient. The IntuiTweet project began as an attempt to access and share intuitive moments between three dancer-researchers (Keinanen, Kozel and Rouhiainen) and it has expanded both artistically and philosophically. This presentation will provide a glimpse into the current stage of artistic research, briefly describing three modalities of performance and some emerging philosophical thoughts.

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