“iPhotograms: An Exploration of Technology Through Cyanotype” presented by Muntean and Hennessy


Session Title:

  • In Between the Cracks (Short Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • iPhotograms: An Exploration of Technology Through Cyanotype




  • Our technologies are becoming evermore ubiquitous and universal. Technology now composes our lives. At the same time, in a sense we become more separated from these technologies due to a lack of understanding of the hardware and software of which they are made. This paper introduces these ideas of the black boxing of technology through the lens of science and technology studies along with media archaeology. These ideas form the conceptual framework behind iPhotograms, a series of cyanotype photograms examining the black box of an iPhone 5. In this project, a modern camera, the iPhone, was disassembled, dissected, and documented using one of the oldest photographic processes.

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