ISAST: The International Society for Art, Science & Technology


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  • ISAST: The International Society for Art, Science & Technology






    The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (I.S.A.S.T.) is a non-profit professional organisation. The goal of ISAST is to encourage the interaction of the contemporary arts, sciences and technology. I.S.A.S.T. is the publisher of the international art journal LEONARDO.

    LEONARDO was founded in 1967 by kinetic artist and space pioneer Frank J. Malina. LEONARDO was established to provide a forum where artists could write about their own work, particularly work which made use of contemporary science and technology. In addition LEONARDO provides a forum where scientists, engineers, and art scholars can present interdisciplinary discussions. In 1991, LEONARDO will increase its publication frequency to 6 issues a year. As part of this expansion, the LEONARDO Music Journal will be launched to provide an interdisciplinary journal focused on the use of sound in the arts. The LEONARDO Compact Disk series will also be issued, containing original recordings.