It’s a Parasite!


Presentation Title:

  • It's a Parasite!



  • We propose to tell a story of the design and construction of a place-specific responsive environment. This story is fundamental to the problem of materialisation of structures that are derived via an adaptive simulative process. Rather than seeing the purpose of the project in an object we recognise how a task of making physical a digitally evolved idea is a near-absurdist endeavour resembling that described by Kafka in The Great Wall of China. The Sisyphusean move from bytes to matter has involved tens of people and has spread from the city of Cambridge to the city of Prague. In our view, seeing this project for what it is suggest a new theoretical way of seeing and appraising both contemporary cutting-edge architectural design and digital art. We have documented the design and materialisation processes, the interaction with people and the places and have compiled the results into a 25 minute film that includes video and animated simulation sequences.