Laboratory Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art


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  • Laboratory Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art



  • Institutional Presentation Statement

    The Laboratory is the name of a new unit at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art which was founded in 1994 to foster and promote new work in the visual arts. The Laboratory provides opportunities within the University of Oxford for professional artists at graduate level and beyond to continue with and expand upon their existing activities, creating a forum for informed debate on current practice and furnishing a platform for the exchange of ideas and information on a wide range of artistic issues. It promotes collaboration between artists and experts from the worlds of science, technology and the humanities and seeks to generate an arena within the framework of the University in which practitioners can engage in meaningful critical dialogue across a number of academic fields. Visible output from The Laboratory takes the form of exhibitions, public art projects, limited editions and multiples, broadcasting, live and time-based art and publications in electronic and paper-based formats. The exhibitions and other projects occur both in and out of Oxford and form the basis of various symposia on a wide range of topics.