Lapping it Up


Presentation Title:

  • Lapping it Up



  • This presentation is based on my recent exhibition work Lapping it Up in London,UK and the comparable issues raised by the show Techno-Seduction New York which Deborah Willis co-curated. Lapping it Up is an exhibition piece made up of four large-scale digital prints (IRIS—inkjet).The work makes an interpretation of commodification and consumerism and its acceleration and affects—particularly to people of color within and outside the Western experience. The piece also suggests and references advertisements and the development of digital media through the construction and seamless montage of the images.The work is surrounded by and inextricably linked to notions of sexuality particularly in relation to black women’s sexuality. It is also accompanied by a story—one that hinges on aspects of travel, family, and history.Once used as an art rendering tool in graphic design and architecture, computers and related technologies are becoming an integral part of image making.This new use for technology has prompted artists to reexamine some basic notions of making art including identity and self. Techno-Seduction is an exhibition curated by Deborah Willis and Robert Rindler at the Copper Union Art Gallery which celebrates the conjunction of form and ideas in work by forty emerging and established artists who examine identity, sexuality, gender, and seduction through new media and technologies. Deborah will present some of the work with specific references to technology, sexuality, and race.