“Life cycle in digital system” presented by Zhu and Mulot


Presentation Title:

  • Life cycle in digital system




  • Artists Statement

    Keywords: digital media, biological life sciences, artistic imaginative vision, computer animation, music visualization, video.

    In exploring a perception of life growth and digital visual art, these new short animation films create a serial of new life cycle systems, by combining biological life sciences, artistic imaginative vision and music together. These artworks were invited to be shown in the 11th China ART Exhibition and Tsinghua University.

    If only the clock of life would stop … if only we could stay forever young … if only our aged body could be reborn, like a new embryo in Spring, and we grow youthful again! Is this not the most dreamed dream we have been dreaming of? Yet this dream could actually be fulfilled – when we understand the key of the grand circulation of life. Do not say that it is death that gives the meaning to life, because this is only true if we have no knowledge to fight aging, and no power to go against death. We will all grow old in time and will all disappear someday, like each individual leaf on a tree. But the new leaves will keep growing out from the tree of life, season after season, generation after generation. The tree of life has grown for millions of years and it will continue to grow for millions of years. In this sense, this grand circulation makes our life the most beautiful and forever young. However this grand circulation goes through a seemingly vulnerable place we call placenta – the place where all life cycles begin.

    In these works, 3D computer visualization techniques were used to create a scene that combined biological life sciences and artistic imaginative vision to create a serial of new life cycle systems. We use MAYA 2008, AFTER EFFECT for the animation and Sam created the sound.

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