Light Art in Public Space


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  • City, Public Space and Mobile Technologies

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  • Light Art in Public Space




  • Session: City, Public Space and Mobile Technologies

    The light projects of Titia Ex:  SHEDDING LIGHT ON THE DAY-TO-DAY

    In museums, light art needs to be switched on before it becomes art. Until then it is an insignificant object and its presence no more than a wavering hesitancy. Once brought to life, however, it shakes off this slumber with a vengeance and monopolises its surroundings. It claims its space, captures and holds the attention and brooks little competition.

    Light art in situ – outside in the open air, on the fringes between inside and outside, in public spaces – is even worse off. It has to compete against illuminated advertising signs screaming for attention, against street and domestic lighting, against the ceaseless streams of traffic light, against the distractions of day-to-day life, against the scepticism the man in the street has for art and every other intrusive barrier.

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