“Live data in live performance” presented by Borrell


Session Title:

  • Data, Performances and Urban Environments

Presentation Title:

  • Live data in live performance




  • This short paper discusses the value and potential of live data feeds in live performance. Live data feeds offer a new kind of liveness – a characteristic that is prized in the performing arts. Dance and theatre experiments using movement and biometric data processed in real time have already taken place, using data from performers and spectators. Artworks by data artists such as Andrea Polli and David Bowen demonstrate the creative potential of data drawn from natural systems, such as meteorological data. Proponents of Gaia suggest that we adopt an understanding of the world as a multi-species network of living beings and systems, in which humans are integrated, not separate or superior. Using data from natural systems on stage could enable these phenomena to participate as dynamic, unpredictable forces, and thus contribute to a less anthropocentric portrayal of the world.

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