“Live Interactive Intelligent Computer Music: Notes on Pieces done in HMSL” presented by Burk and Polansky


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  • Music

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  • Live Interactive Intelligent Computer Music: Notes on Pieces done in HMSL




  • This paper concerns several pieces composed and performed by the author between 1984-90. in the context of the computer music language HMSL, a widely used environment which supports experimentation in musical intelligences, live interactive programmable stimulus-response environments, and redefinitions of approaches to musical form. The specific pieces described include

    • 1) B’rey’sheet (for voice and computer); 2) Simple Actions;
    • 7) 17 Simple Melodies of the Same Length (for melodic instrumentalist and computer);
    • 4) Cocks Crow, Dogs Park… (in collaboration with Melody Sumner and John Bischoff); and the most recent,
    • 5) Three Studies (for instrumentalist and computer).

    Each of these works explores a different form of interaction with the system, and each focusses on different problems in the performance of interactive intelligent computer music: dynamic timbre control, computer-aided decision making processes, and performer interaction. Ideas for further works are discussed, with particular attention placed on the development of programmable DBE’ technology under the HMSL platform, and the integration of timbral processes with larger scale formal ones.