LiveCode Readings: Algorithms viewed as text


Session Title:

  • MetaCreators: The Generative Artists

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  • LiveCode Readings: Algorithms viewed as text



  • (Long paper)

    Keywords: LiveCoding, Digital, Visual, Music, Receiver, Image, New Text.

    As new ways to represent text/image in unison with other arts, LiveCoding sessions have been one of the contemporary options where the union of music, visuals, algorithms and science get together to make a community experience. The live programming performances where the music or visual result is part of a whole experience that join with the programming algorithms to build a new layer of text that can be experienced not just as a process but as a narrative by itself. The Sound result can be perceived not as an audio performance but as the relationship with the algorithms that create not just a series of instructions but a visual and abstract representation of what you heard combining images to create and share a process.

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