“‘Lives and works well everywhere’” presented by Thély


Session Title:

  • Posthumanism I

Presentation Title:

  • ‘Lives and works well everywhere’




  • Abstract

    ‘Low resolution’ context.
    In a context of digitalised data, with the streaming of an intense and excessive amount of images and sounds – which sensitivity is at work? This – still new sensitivity – appearing in the younger generation in a world where data is shared, apparently free, downloadable and copyable, possibly lacks an awareness that this world is in fact accessible by paying an entrance and exit right.

    One generally uses the expression ‘low resolution’ to describe the quality of images coming from the technique of data compression which suppresses some data in order to lighten the file size and thereby ease its circulation on the network or it’s storage on CD, DVD, or ipod. JPEG, MPEG and MP3 are algorythmic acronyms, not crude words for digital device users. To attempt to redefine, in more aesthetic words, this particular sensitivity (soft sensitivity) belonging to the web network, one cannot strictly speaking use the technical definition ‘low resolution’. This expression means data circulation (texts, images, sounds), in terms of its production, distribution, reception and ‘low definition’, defines a single way of perceiving the world. This provokes a question of perception of making data enabled by using more or less sophisticated materials, more or less home-made audiovisual and data processing goods.

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