Local Wisdom in the Global Village


Session Title:

  • Local Wisdoms

Presentation Title:

  • Local Wisdom in the Global Village



  • We live in the time of new and opposing concepts. The traditional views of man and his place in the world are being expended. The development of science and technology introduces new possibilities: satellite communication, interactive television, artificial intelligence, virtual reality…All of these changes have forced us to search for our identity in a new multicultural society. Artists are discovering the new technologies while scientists and technicians are turning their attention to the arts. To make artistic reflections on modern information and communication technologies a more important public subject, to question technical developments and to use them for shaping a human environment, to make them visible, will be important contributions to overcoming the problems of the future. New ways of using multimedia systems such as TV conferencing, and interactive video as well as new models of information science, will influence the structure of traditional institutions.

    Together with the Academy of Dramatic Art and Bojan Baletic at the School of Architecture at Zagreb University we have started several interdisciplinary projects for enhancing education of architecture, film and art based on the new multimedia systems. In this paper we will elaborate our vision and experience of linking knowledge from different fields of art with the help of interactive multimedia systems. By developing new means of electronic communication within our own culture and with other cultures the values of small communities can be integrated into the global village