“Locationally Yours” presented by Shaheen, Husain, Habib and Ali


Session Title:

  • Technology (Panels & Roundtables)

Presentation Title:

  • Locationally Yours




  • ‘Fun‑o‑Hunar’ is an Urdu term often translated into English as Art and Crafts. The term comes from an ancient Persian concept that views art as a purpose of life with people, time, places, things and events running along the threads of current technologies of that time.Locationally Yours discusses the intersection of art and technology in South Asia at the crossroads of emergence of new media art forms from the East and the West. New media art is constantly evolving with technology and the art world and the public continue the debate prompted by the challenges and tensions created when technology becomes integrated into the human creative process. There are artists and art movements from Pakistan and the rest of south Asia who are using technology in art that are at the heart of the debate – those who are pushing the definition of art to its limits. Developing discourse from the works of established and emerging new media artists from South Asia, Locationally Yours brings a new perspective to the ongoing artistic and cultural exchange between East and West and constructs a dialogue that is informing the development of new media art both in the East and West. The discussion will be supported by a short video documentary on South Asian new Media Artists and their work processes followed by discussion.