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    MACBA en Imnia is a techno-cultural project which results from the collaboration between:MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona), UPF (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), IUA (Institut Universitari de (‘Audiovisual) & Galeria Virtual. Its main action lines are Research, Experimental Production, Reactivation.

    1. Research Situating research and debate around Museological and Audio-visual Language Confluence: To overcome the cliche of objectivity which states that: if art = object then museum = container. To overcome the cliche of objectivity which states that: if image = document then audio-visual = representation. Interdisciplinary Contributions: In artistic production: Specific properties of new media. In museology: Public digital space. In multimedia design: Design information. New Metphores/ No Meetaphores. In art criticism: Hypertextuality & Virtuality. In applied computer science: Distributed Virtual Environments. In psychology: Human Computer Interaction. Implications: economical: Multi-institutional international cooperation. Ethical-economical: copyright?, intellectual property? Social: Access for all?
    2. Experimental Production The World Wide Web (WWW) is a set of applications on Internet in constant growth, which allows international transmission of multimedia information. The qualities of the net as a medium for presenting information of museums are already being studied by the the most prestigious and innovative. Besides this divulging utility for the conventional activities of museums, there is an enormous field to explore by taking these resources as a medium for art, criticism and museology. MACBA en Imnia has decided to tackle this challenge through the following initiatives: Works: They will be produced by local and international artists invited by MACBA en Imnia to produce their proposals especially thought for this medium. Artists will have the support of the staff of MACBA en Imnia, both for the production and distribution of their works. Conferences & Forums: They will be held based on criticism or informative texts (preferably hypertexts), related with issues of contemporary art, techno-culture, criticism, museology, etc. The invited authors acquire the commitment to give public response (during an agreed period of time) to all questions that arise from their works.
    3. Reactivation MACBA en Imnia, being aware of the techno-cultural deficit in our country, makes its means accessible to groups, entities and associations which are dedicated to contemporary art in our cultural panorama. The museum adopts the role of reactivating the creative tissue in our society. The confluence of languages (museological and audio-visual) implies a whole series of interdisciplinary contributions to the ambits of art, technology, design, criticism and psychology, which must be analyzed and taken care of whilst new ways are opened. With this vocation, the Beques de recerca i produccis experimental en xarxa IUAMACBA (IUA-MACBA Grants for research and experimental production on the web) are created. The collaboration spirit between the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona and the Institut Universitari de (‘Audiovisual of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra is based on their mutual interest for this common research ground which is found at the junction of contemporary culture and technology