Male Fantasy/Machine Desire, Recent Installations


Presentation Title:

  • Male Fantasy/Machine Desire, Recent Installations



  • DeLappe will describe his most recent work, a computer interactive, electromechanical kinetic, sculptural installation, “Masturbatory Interactant: The presentation will detail an artistic approach which seeks to create a synthesis between traditional sculpture, art history, computer based multimedia and automated interaction. The installation incorporates a Macintosh computer, video projection, electromechanical kinetic sculptures and machine automated interaction. The work consists of two major elements: one being a large clear vinyl enclosure, at the base of which three 24-inch cooling fans continuously propel a life site inflatable female party/sex doll, painted flat white. The constantly moving female form acts as the projection surface for time based imagery, the source of which is the second part of the installation, a kinetic sculpture consisting of an LCD video projector, a Macintosh CPU, a laser bar code scanner and a rotating “grinder” mechanism based on the Chocolate Grinder from Marcel Duchamp’s The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. The imagery for projection, primarily of a combination of short, montage segments of digitized close-ups of a nude male figure conducting self erotic actions, text and computer animated three dimensional forms, are randomly controlled by the laser bar code scanner attached to a mechanical arm which extends and retracts, occasionally scanning preprogrammed bar codes which cover the constantly rotating grinders.


    The author will discuss the development of this work as a continuation of his efforts to critically explore emerging issues and ideas surrounding the human-machine condition. As well, DeLappe will present more recent investigations of machine erotica, including the recently completed installation, Vagina/Mouse, Joystick, Hand, which features a large scale digital printwork and objects of computer interface design which have been sculpturally altered to become symbolically seductive objects of machine erotica.