“Maleficio: Rituals of the Illnatured” presented by Duque


Session Title:

  • Latin American Forum III: Recent Histories of Electronic Culture in Latin America

Presentation Title:

  • Maleficio: Rituals of the Illnatured




  • Where is that missile supposed to be landing?
    Being teased to deal in words with the notion of “Lo-Tech” and, to come close to the subject matter while engaging and defining such an overly oxygenated notion could be or mean within the kingdom of tropical maladies one should at the very least try first to map the place where targeted group strives to exist.

    It would be relevant to address in parallel the very notion of tecne, (from ancient greek Τέχνη meaning craftsmanship, craft, or art) which is always the very essence of thought. A track that is way too foreign as the language I’m using here, while the main is to lineate a place where the idea of “low-tech” can be presented and studied in the context of a Colombian editorial project.

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