Media Follow Art


Session Title:

  • Short Paper Presentations

Presentation Title:

  • Media Follow Art



  • Analysing the influence of the aesthetical principles of the audio-visual language in the arts over media and the revolution the eye went through due to electronical development, as follows:

    1. The project is based on the new way of thinking in art, as it has been developed in the 20th century, regarding the Modernist and Post- Modernist tradition, with references to its roots in previous periods of art history.

    2. The subjects are examined by scenes made by artists and directors from different countries and trends, that have created what we see as archetypes of the topic, as well as artists which are considered marginal.

    3. As the project is built upon interdisciplinary attitude it crosses the genres borders, and discussing the visual thinking beyond artificial narrative categories, exposing the ways in which visual messages convey the non-verbal contents within the T.V. and cinema genres., showing parallel.

    4. Examination of the way aesthetics indicates and designs our mental and ethical view.

    5. Investigating the cognitive sources of the audio-visual manipulation.

    The presentation demonstrates visually the process in which the development of audio-visual messages lead to the involvement of the spectator within the image. In order to analyse this process of perception, I use as a basis the six formal elements of the image:


    1. Light
    2. Colour
    3. Movement
    4. Sound
    5. Editing

    In these elements I present different principle messages that show the gradual development from the stage of the medium means being used as a server for the represented object, up to the stage when the medium gains its independent character.

    The aesthetical principles will be demonstrated in a comparative approach among the following disciplines:

    1. Plastic art in different forms
    2. Still photography
    3. Cinema
    4. Popular genres as music clips
    5. Video art