“Mediated Urbanisms: Mediated Spaces: Prototyping Architecture-Engineering Media” presented by Hudini and Somlai-Fischer


Session Title:

  • Critical Interaction Design Sessions: The Aesthetics of Interaction and Behavior

Presentation Title:

  • Mediated Urbanisms: Mediated Spaces: Prototyping Architecture-Engineering Media



  • Mediated Spaces are architecture investigations by aether architecture in various collaborations. Focusing is on design research relating to spatialities both in actual and virtual environments with a driving force to create a valid architectural response to the rapidly changing social spaces of our society, where information has dramatically altered our perception and understanding of spaces.

    Presented here is our major research project, Indukció Ház, an umbrella for a set of installations, focusing on related issues. Conceptual, structural and software modules are developed an re-configured through different spatial and media setups. For the installation at ISEA we were delighted to have Bengt Sjöjén, independent gaming technology researcher collaborating on the openGL+computer vision interaction.

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