“Microbiome Anthropophagy” presented by Ribeiro


Session Title:

  • Bio Art

Presentation Title:

  • Microbiome Anthropophagy




  • “Transplanting the Self: Microbiome Anthropophagy” (2018) was designed as a bioart installation that involves the audience as active participants in an experiment that invites for a reflection about the limits of microbiome manipulation, evoking and exploring ancient practices such as the use of young virgins’ saliva in the production of ritualistic alcoholic drinks, such as the ‘cauim’. The drink is produced from chewed and fermented manioc and the collective consumption of cauim integrates ancient rituals of hunting and cannibalism of native Brazilian tribes. Relating to ISEA 2019 subtheme Aeternitas: Eternity of the Mortal the work discusses and explores future possibilities in engineering personalities addressing critically issues such as the very nature of consciousness and the self. ‘Transplanting the Self’ can be understood as both an installation and a performance were the artist and the audience contributes for its actualization and activation as an artwork.