Mountain Convergence: The Banff Centre


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  • Mountain Convergence: The Banff Centre




  • The Banff Centre is world’s largest incubator of original art and ideas, welcoming 8,000 artists, mathematicians, business and community leaders from around the world to the Centre every year; exceptionally creative people at all stages of their careers. We are located in the oldest national park in Canada, in the heart of the Rocky Mountain, and we have an 81-year history of inspiring creativity across arts disciplines. The Banff Centre is an immersive laboratory for creative risk-taking and experimentation that crosses art forms and technologies, through residencies in visual and digital arts, film and media, music and sound, performing arts, literary arts, and Indigenous arts. The Banff Centre’s programs are both socially aware and responsive to the interests and needs of our artists. We offer space for retreat and incubation, as well as public performance, engagement, and experimentation. Our existence as a creative institution with worldwide impact, situated in landscape of unparalleled natural beauty and ecological diversity, means that we are uniquely positioned to explore the role of art in public space. We carry out our mission in relation to identities that are both hyper-local and globally interconnected.