Movement, Dance, and Gesture: A Multidisciplinary Study of Nonverbal Communication


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  • Performance and Electronic Media

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  • Movement, Dance, and Gesture: A Multidisciplinary Study of Nonverbal Communication



  • The exploration of movement in humans and machines through gesture and nonverbal communication is the subject of the proposed research. In application to work in the merging of art and technology, new discoveries may be developed to integrate gesture with interactive technologies.The specific research is in the ongoing development of a movement language based on gesture and movement, that may be utilized as a tool in both artistic and scientific work. As the state of art shifts to an interactive environment between humans and machines, the application of dance and gesture may provide additional vehicles for human’ mankind understanding, communication, and expression. While progress is being made in the area of virtual reality, human sensory control and communication between humans and machines and between machines and machines is of interest.A truly interactive environment should include a dialogue between the operator and the machine. Human gestures are quite specific and unique functions of each individual and may provide a possible signature to specific human / machine interactions. Adaptations to specific human disabilities would make the technology more accessible to various populations. Gesture and movement control may provide a vehicle for such adaptations. This paper will report an investigation of research developing in the are of facial recognition based upon human facial expressions and gestures.