“Multi-Generation Digital Stewardship: XR Art & Technology Archives” presented by Holberton, Hanson, Helton, Summers and Szydlowski

  • ©ISEA2022: 27th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Rhonda Holberton, Don Hanson, Amanda Helton, Timothy Summers, and Nick Szydlowski, Multi-Generation Digital Stewardship: XR Art & Technology Archives


Session Title:

  • Summit on New Media Art Archiving: Panels

Presentation Title:

  • Multi-Generation Digital Stewardship: XR Art & Technology Archives




  • Panelists will discuss their roles in a collaborative inter-institutional project funded by the Knight Foundation to create an XR & blockchain certificate enabled digital database that will archive, index, lend, and exhibit complex digital objects using a web-based platform that expands the current capabilities of the virtual 3D exhibition platform New Art City.

    The panel will offer perspectives on collections management, blockchain certificates, artist contracts, and best practices for reauthoring. The team will provide insights from the first 6 months of the beta test of this collaborative project which archives and exhibits Creative New Media Projects produced in San José from 1984-2014 on New Art City. The Art & Technology Archive beta test will allow the technical and digital design upgrades to follow the material, social, and archival process; ensuring that necessary upgrades to New Art City are designed holistically and inclusively with integrated feedback from Museums, Librarians, Archivists, & Curators.