“Multimodal Data Portrait for Representing Mobile Phone Use Behavior” presented by Park


Session Title:

  • Data Visualization and Sonification

Presentation Title:

  • Multimodal Data Portrait for Representing Mobile Phone Use Behavior




  • This paper presents BeHAVE, a web-based audiovisual piece that explores a way to reveal my mobile phone use behavior through multimodal data representation, considering the concept of indexicality in data visualization and sonification. It visualizes the spatiality and overall trend of the records of my mobile phone use as a geographical heatmap visualization and a heatmap chart. On top of that, BeHAVE presents a mode for temporal data exploration to make a year of data perceivable in a short period and represent the temporality of data. Based on a
    microsound synthesis technique, it also sonifies data to simultaneously evoke visual and auditory perception in this mode. As a way of indexical visualization, BeHAVE also suggests an approach that represents data through mobile phones simultaneously by using WebSocket. Ultimately, BeHAVE attempts to not only improve the perception of self-tracking data but also
    arouse aesthetic enjoyment through a multimodal data portrait as a means of self-representation.