“Native Composition: Metaprocess as a Unifying Factor in a Diverse Body of Artwork” presented by Morris


Presentation Title:

  • Native Composition: Metaprocess as a Unifying Factor in a Diverse Body of Artwork



  • While emerging technology and media are opening richly varied avenues for creative expression, most technologies play structural or other internal roles that are not always obvious in the surface sounds and images of an artwork. This apparent disparity in a single artist’s body of work can seem incoherent, suggesting a lack of “voice” or identity as an artist. A coherent body of work is important to an artist’s reputation, both in the art world and in academia; artists who pursue new forms of creative expression through emergent technology may be assessed inaccurately. One approach to articulating unity across a body of works that are diverse on their surfaces is to focus on how each work exhibits the same metaprocess, such as an approach of determining the materials, structures, and working process that is best suited to each artistic situation. The author’s body of work as a composer is unified in pursuing the concept of native composition, a set of techniques unified by the goal of turning each performance situation on itself in order to let its deepest, most natural features emerge, to let the thing itself sing.