Natural History Cycles


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  • Art and Social Placement

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  • Natural History Cycles



  • Problems faced at a third world countries like Mexico to start innovative and propositive projects that involve new media and new ways of thinking. Ads an example the Creative Residencies Program, which fosters the exchange of ideas among scientists, artists, scientific promoters and other individuals through the development of individual artistic projects related to the Natural History Museum of Mexico City’s (MNHCM) three key areas of interest: science, environment and art. The museum’s first project by Ariel Guzik developed the Plasmath Mirror and the Harmonic Spectral Resonator. Other submitted projects were Eric Olivares Lira Global heating video installation and Mariana Dellkamp digital photographs about medical archives and electronic microscope images. Due to political and economical issues, the program couldn’t stand still and now we plan to rescue it in other places.

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