Network Landscape


Session Title:

  • Mobile Interfaces

Presentation Title:

  • Network Landscape




  • What is at stake when bodies, technologies and landscapes become merged at the site of mobile interface?  The proliferation of wireless networks and pervasive computing over the last decade has intensified the expansion of mediated human presence and agency in both the built and natural environment, while equally transforming the influence of environments on bodies, subjects and consciousnesses.  The increasing degree to which our lives unfold in and through mobile media interfaces has led to significant transformations in the social and spatial relationships of bodies and environments at the level of the individual subject, as well as the collective.   In this post-human “post-environment” condition, social and spatial distinctions become increasingly blurred across self and other, organism and environment, space and time, and technology and the body.

    Mobile media interfaces, as mediations of networks and bodies that operate across intimate and large scales, both spatially and symbolically constitute a form of landscape.  As a landscape, what do representations of where we are, as objectified in mobile media interfaces reveal about who we are and who we might strive to be as citizens of a globalized network society?  In this paper, which draws upon examples from my practice since 2007, I propose the model of “network landscape” as a non-anthropocentric and non-techno-centric approach to the design mobile media interface as social, spatial and symbolic form.