Non-explicable Phenomena, Consciousness and Technology


Session Title:

  • Body (Spacescapes)

Presentation Title:

  • Non-explicable Phenomena, Consciousness and Technology



  • Abstract

    We aim to progress the debate about the possibility of machine consciousness towards the implications of the actuality of elements of consciousness emerging from outside the human situation. We will bring together work done by artists and scientists on dream states, out of body experiences, near death experiences, brain machines, and the use of light and psychoacoustic sound to affect the human capacity to visualize and imagine.

    Using these examples we will examine specific ‘phenomena’ such as hauntings, geomantic disturbances, UFO sightings, ‘abductions’ and contacts as have been reported as being apparently genuine and investigate whether the artist can interface with these in some way without being drawn into the opposing camps of belief and skepticism. We will examine the implications of the western desire for a technological ‘other’ whether it be as emergent  machine intelligences, extraterrestrial visitors, or parapsychological phenomena. Using virtual reality and the more complex technology of the body as a starting-point, we will look at attempts to simulate ‘models’ for these phenomena and how they reflect human culture, both conscious and unconscious. As people whose principal concern is art we are not prepared to judge the legitimacy of specific phenomena. The fact that ‘something’ is happening ‘out there’ and the processes which humans have to undertake to understand ‘it’ is more interesting than photographic ‘evidence’ and conspiracy theories about government cover-ups. We would prefer to offer the possibility of the concept of clusters of ‘leak ages’, whereby non-explicable  phenomena enters the conscious perception on a random and accidental basis.
    Kathy Rogers on her work: “I am researching into into the remote replication and extension of human perception, cognition and human presence. I am also looking at the practical and theoretical aspects of the para-sciences and identifying ways in which telepresence technologies might allow us to distribute persistent manifestations of identifiable personal energy. I propose a synthesis of recent developments within the study of dreams and the paranormal phenomena such as ESP, hauntings, lucid dreaming and nightmares to push us towards a pluralistic understanding of the deeply imagistic capacity of human consciousness. I use the metaphor of the void to elaborate on the absoluteness of inner space that each human being possesses”.