“Nouvelles Perspectives pour l’image de Synthese” presented by Bourgoin and Roelens


Presentation Title:

  • Nouvelles Perspectives pour l’image de Synthese



  • Conic perspective with a fixed eye, born during the Quattrocento after several centuries of antique perspective, is used mainly in western realism. Cubism uses another kind of realism, gathering several viewpoints into a single picture viewed from, like two eyes looking at something. Computer graphics usually do not wonder about human experimental realism: it uses photographic realism. We have introduced in computer graphics these concepts of artistic realism, by developing new projection models that can be classified into three main categories: moving eye projections (antique perspective), wide angle projections and convergent projections (Cubism). These new projections have been integrated into an image synthesis environment, using constructive solid geometry for modeling, and ray tracing for rendering.

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