Of Dissident Bodies in the Digital Era


Session Title:

  • Digital Bodies

Presentation Title:

  • Of Dissident Bodies in the Digital Era



  • After The Angel cycle (1 985-2000), featuring the constant transformations of a medical photograph of a hermaphrodite, which the two artists install in site specific environments, they inaugurate in 2000, a new cycle of works entitled Sublime Disasters. The Twins. Here, the starting point is a found photograph of a wax figure: two children, conjoint twins, a “double phenomenon with a unique trunk”, from the anatomical collection of the Spitzner Museum (end 19th century). This extraordinary body is associated with marine organisms – photographs of sheils, and etchings extracted from the Artistic Forms of Nature (1899) by German biologist Ernst Haeckel. This work develops critical visual strategies reconsidering body, identity and “outsiders” in the digital era.