On Animals, Children, and Seeing Deeply


Session Title:

  • Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Women, Men and the Cartesian Coordinate System (Gender/Blender: High & Low)

Presentation Title:

  • On Animals, Children, and Seeing Deeply



  • Panel Statement

    Panel: Pedagogy of the Oppressed 

    The impact of the Cartesian paradigm on the natural world has been immense. How do the two most consistently oppressed groups in this culture animals and children, fare in the context of the Cartesian coordinate system?

    Virtual environments (VE) and visual components of artificial life (Al) systems are two of the more recent additions to our efforts at simulating the natural world. Animals and children share a lack of integration into the pervading cultural constructions of that world. What effect will the present developments in the fields of VE and Al have upon the development and quality of life for these two groups?