Open Electronic Book


Session Title:

  • Short Paper Presentations

Presentation Title:

  • Open Electronic Book



  • The Open Electronic Book critiques the notion of library and museum, creates an archive of different memories and many voices, and makes new histories possible by soliciting community involvement. “The Open Electronic Book” is an Interactive Computer artwork at three public places:

    1. an urban centre
    2. a college and
    3. a virtual site, on the world wide web

    These sites are: discursive sites for gathering and presenting oral histories about a about a specific culturally diverse urban community; a consideration of different personal histories, memories, cultures; a process of making visible transparencies of meaningful articulations of presence and absences of cultural formations, of cultural mapping with meaning, of many complexities of aesthetic political and critical connections to the built environment of the urban space in the context of planning for urban and waterfront development.

    The Open Electronic Book is process — cultural situations — cultural articulations — construction of the image — transcription — possible text — possible space possible articulation for different cultural moments — spatial definition – organize text and Image – political, social, economic space/time manipulation — cultural space – public space – necessity of finding connection between place and cultural event – make visible cultural mapping – complex cultural situations — spatial definitions.