“Ordinateurs et Sculpture Aux Etats-Unis et en France” presented by Lavigne


Session Title:

  • Computers and Sculpture in the USA & France

Presentation Title:

  • Ordinateurs et Sculpture Aux Etats-Unis et en France




  • The Computers and Sculpture Forum in the U.S.A. and Ars Mathematica in France are associations of sculptors who use the computer. This presentation will be a survey, presented in slide and video form, of the use of computers in the visualization, presentation, fabrication and control of sculpture and three-dimensional scientific and mathematical visualization. In October 1995, we will be holding a joint and simultaneous exhibition of sculpture in Philadelphia and Paris. The presentation will reflect the work that we will be gathering together for the exhibition. The sites will be linked via the Internet for events, demonstrations, and the trans-oceanic control of sculpture-making tools to complement the exhibition.

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