Session Title:

  • Music and Sound

Presentation Title:

  • Origin



  • Poster Statement

    Origin is a multi-media installation that examines «space» as a construct. Simulative, surveillance, acoustic and electronic sound samples, and cartography were employed to produce an investigation of urban spaces and the patterning power of technology and philosophical systems. The title Origin refers to the absolute center point at which horizontal and vertical axes intersection. This point of convergence is a philosophical and mathematical construct that enables architects, cartographers, city planners, designers, the military, etc. to imagine space as rational, and therefore controllable. Rational grids control the traffic patterns of most modern American cities, the direction in which we walk, the box-like dwellings and spaces that we occupy, and our orientation to the sun and forces of weather… This system may be contrasted to organically evolved models such as watercourses, trade routes, or terrestrial topography.