Session Title:

  • Beyond Shelter: The Future of Architecture

Presentation Title:

  • Osmose



  • Char Davies approaches the medium of immersive virtual space as a philosophical “arena” for constructing architectures of enveloping immaterial form. Davies will show documentation of her well-known work Osmose with its dozen worlds of forest, earth, pond, abyss, code, text and so on, while discussing various paradoxes inherent to the medium such as embodiment/ disembodiment, and 3D form/immateriality. Whereas conventional VR design reflects a cultural world-view in which empty space is filled with hard-edged objects etc, Davies’ approach embraces the medium’s paradoxes by working with transparency, luminosity, spatial ambiguity and temporality. She has pioneered a body-centered user interface of breath and balance with the intent of affirming the role of subjectively – felt physical body in virtual space.