“Other Intelligences. Plant-Human Interspecies Dialogues” presented by Vicente


Session Title:

  • Experiencing the Anthropocene. A Transdisciplinary Journey Through Earth

Presentation Title:

  • Other Intelligences. Plant-Human Interspecies Dialogues




  • Based on plant intelligence and their capacity of learn we created a neuronal plant network connected to the Internet, composed of plants located in different places around the world. We designed an algorithm makes possible the remotely communication between plants through the training and learning to different stimuli.

    At the same time, each of this living beings is being monitored through the recording of electrophysiology data and environmental data of their surrounding; thanks to environmental sensors that allow us to measure and link the changes in the surrounding of the plant with their behavior.

    In this way we investigate, about the recognition of patterns by the plant, which allows it to identify with which plant of the network they are communicating and thus allow two way dialogue. To do that we have provided each of the plants with tools that allows them sending and receiving signals of light, sound and movement. The entire communication process is being recorded, to be analyzed afterwards with an Artificial Intelligence , in order to recognize patterns that humans cannot perceive with the naked eye.

    Through the use of technology as a tool, we have created a network of plants connected to the Internet. A network analogous to the network of roots and mycelia of fungi that take place in the forest that the Professor of Forest Ecology Suzanne Simard began to study almost three decades ago. This woods’ network allows trees and plants to communicate with each other by sharing information and nutrients. In Other Intelligences, our network, is made up of data, algorithms and actuators, and it allows us to investigate alternative relationships with nature and technology through the use of artistic methodologies.