Pacific Rim New Media Summit (PRNMS)


Session Title:

  • Pacific Rim New Media Summit (PRNMS)

Presentation Title:

  • Pacific Rim New Media Summit (PRNMS)




  • The political and economic space of the Pacific Rim represents a dynamic context for innovation and creativity. From experimentation in art, science, architecture, engineering, design, literature, theater and music, new forms of cultural production and experience are emerging that are unique to the region. The complex relations and diversity of Pacific Rim nations is exemplified throughout the hybridized communities that comprise Silicon Valley.

    As the 10th largest city in the United States, San Jose is an important portal on the Eastern edge of the Pacific region, which shares deep historical and cultural connections that range from Latin America, the South Pacific, and Southeast Asia to Asia. ZeroOne San Jose: An International Festival of Art on the Edge highlights the Pacific Rim as a central theme by presenting the most significant achievements in art, theory and research from throughout the region.

    The CADRE Laboratory for New Media at San Jose State University will host the two-day, pre-symposium Summit, co-sponsored by Leonardo. The Summit is intended to explore and build interpretive bridges between institutional, corporate, social and cultural enterprises with an emphasis on the emergence of new media arts programs in eight areas: Distributed Curatorial; Education; Place, Ground, and Practice; Urbanity and Location; Latin American-Pacific/Asia New Media Initiatives; Residencies/Symposia/ Directory; Piracy and the Pacific; The Invisible Dynamics of the Pacific Rim and the Bay Area.

    One of the primary objectives of the PRNMS is to examine and create new transaction spaces for creativity and innovation. With a purview encompassing all states and nations that border the Pacific Ocean, including all of Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific Islands, this trans-disciplinary event will address the developmental role and capacity of new media arts initiatives to foster greater mutual understanding. Summit objectives include the exploration of innovative models for cooperation among institutions, development of  interaction strategies with technology corporations, investigation of radical responses to emergent cultural issues and conditions, engagement with diaspora communities, and the establishment of an on-going Pacific Rim network of new media educational institutions.


  • Hosted and sponsored by San Jose State University and Leonardo/ISAST

    A special edition of the Leonardo Journal reflecting on the Pacific Rim theme will be available for purchase.

    PRNMS Staff

    • Joel Slayton, Chair
    • Joichi Ito, Co-Chair
    • Roger Malina, Co-Chair
    • Chad Balanza, Intern
    • Joyce Chen, Intern
    • Rachel Beth Egenhoefer, Production Coordinator
    • Greg Niemeyer, Leonardo Design
    • Jon Phillips, Leonardo Design
    • Kathleen Quillian, Leonardo Communications Associate
    • Pamela Grant Ryan, Leonardo Editor


    • Steve Dietz, Co-Chair
    • Gunalan Nadarajan, Co-Chair
    • Zhang Ga
    • Deborah Lawler-Dormer
    • Alice Ming Wai Jim
    • Ellen Pau
    • Johan Pijnappel
    • Yukiko Shikata
    • Soh Yeong Roh


    • Gustaff H Iskandar, Co-Chair
    • Fatima Lasay, Co-Chair
    • Rob van Krannenburg, Chair
    • Roberta Alvarenga
    • Tressa Berman
    • Clarissa Chikiamco
    • Nina Czegledy
    • Regine Debatty
    • Kenneth Fields
    • Deanna Herst
    • Lynn Hughes
    • Doyun Lee
    • Nova Paul
    • Daniela Reimann
    • Willem-Jan Renger
    • Trebor Scholz

    Urbanity and Mobile Media

    • Suhjung Hur, Co-Chair
    • Bo-Seon Shim, Co-Chair
    • Soh Yeong Roh, Chair
    • Julian Bleecker
    • Adrian David Cheok
    • Drew Hemment
    • Jeffery Huang
    • Anthony Townsend
    • Marc Tuters

    Place, Ground, and Practice

    • Danny Butt, Chair
    • Jon Bywater Jason De Santolo
    • Jenny Fraser
    • Candice Hokins
    • Cherly L’Hirondelle
    • Ashok Mathur
    • Nova Paul
    • Lisa Reihana

    Latin American-Pacific/Asia

    • Jose-Carlos Mariategui, Chair
    • Andrea Di Castro
    • Dr. Alejandro Jaimes
    • Geetha Narayanan
    • Ned Rossiter
    • Shulin Zhao


    • Julianne Pierce, Chair
    • Irina Aristarkhova
    • Zhang Ga
    • Dr. Melinda Rackham
    • Peter Richards

    Piracy in the Pacific

    • Steve Cisler, Chair
    • Julien McArdle
    • Eduardo Villanueva
    • Michael Ward
    • Paul Whitney

    Invisible Dynamics

    • Peter Richards, Co-Chair
    • Susan Schwarzenberg, Co-Chair
    • Amy Balkin
    • Cris Benton
    • Ian Clothieri
    • Nigel Helyer
    • Michael Jones
    • Paul Klein
    • Galye Laird
    • Margeigh Novotny
    • Eric Robednbeck
    • Natalie Robertson
    • Scott Snibbe
    • Tamiko Theil
    • Paul Thomas
    • Meredith Troble McDonald
    • Dominic Wilsdon
    • Ricardo Rivera
    • Jean Biagini