Panel Intro: Virtual Interventions: Digital Avant-Gardes


Session Title:

  • Virtual Interventions: Digital Avant Gardes

Presentation Title:

  • Panel Intro: Virtual Interventions: Digital Avant-Gardes



  • This panel aims to critically and theoretically contextualize the use of electronic media in the production of radical and oppositional art practices which have sought to disrupt dominant notions of artistic production, distribution and exchange. The panel will be developed in relation to three key issues:

    1. How have uses of analogic and digital reproductive technologies been deployed to disrupt dominant notions of art, artistic production, aesthetic experience and audience reception?

    2. What have been the critical, political, racial, sexual and cultural impact of these media in the development of radical, oppositíonal and or revolutionary art practices?

    3. How are contemporary uses of electronic and digital reproduction addressing, developing these themes and issues through radical and oppositional art practice?

    Papers, presentations, demonstrations, ideas and critical responses have been invited from historians, critics, philosophers, artists and curators who engage with this debate.