Pathogenic Vectors


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  • Gender/Blender (High & Low)

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  • Pathogenic Vectors



  • Artists Statement

    Log In: VNS Matrix

    Password: aberrant

    Now connecting to host network RAMpage.

    RAMpage: bentnet belladonna.stone.plant. 666 ? Welcome to CorpusFantasticaMOO! ?

    Running Version alpha of CorpusFantasticaMOO CorpusFantasticaMOO is a colonised body, where entities without number meet. You may not understand some of the language you encounter in this body, and it would be advisable to familiarise yourself with other methods of constructing meaning. Never assume that you are speaking to a member of a privileged class, race, gender or species. We provide mindnet access for entities with particular needs. What resident or guest entities say or do may not always be to your liking. Beware – there is no moral code in this *place*.

    Type: ‘connect ‘ connect to your character ‘connect Guest’ connect to a guest character ‘@who’ see who’s currently logged in

    connect Geneva Convention xtreme Okay.

    Geneva Convention is in use

    The Limen

    You are at the threshold of the corpusfantastica. Seemingly infinite and infinitely small, neither here nor there, with half remembered snatches of your Iife or is it? It is darkly seductive here, and you could stay, but you choose to slide through the cartesian reality grid and enter the spaciousness of the corpusfantastica.


    BigBrain is in the Thymus Bar

    sociopathic cyberslut is in the Lung Lounge Manko is in the Wandering Womb

    Matrix Green Guest Wandering Womb Matrix Oracle Snatch is in the Wandering Womb Matrix

    FireWalkWithMe is in the Wandering Womb Matrix

    @look socio

    You see before you a walking pincushion, hardly a piece of flesh that hasn’t been pierced. The jewellery is a cross between Cyberdada circuitry and fishing tackle, useless, meaningless with a strange retro allure. The three breasts are a turnoff, mostly because they are eyeing you nastily. There is a permanent scowl on her face, and her pupils are the size of bowling balls.

    @join sociopathic cyberslut