Paying One’s Respect to a Mountain


Session Title:

  • Nature, Human, Machine

Presentation Title:

  • Paying One’s Respect to a Mountain




  • Over the last three years I’ve climbed and mapped sacred mountains in Asia, as well as man-made monuments that refer directly to the cosmological Mt. Meru and Mt. Sumeru of Buddhist and Hindu tradition. As an artist I fuse archaeology, legend, history and the site specific pilgrimage together — exploring on foot — while documenting with video, photography and GPS and react to the location through performance.

    The mountain pilgrimage has become my lens into deciphering aspects of my new home. To share I create participatory art that attempts to poetically embody and translate my own experience to new audiences.

    In this artist talk, I will introduce my mountain treks in China, Indonesia and Cambodia and also discuss the challenges and successes I encountered in translating these site specific projects and performances into installation pieces.

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