Perceiving Physical Media Agents: Exploring Intention in a Robot Dance Partner


Session Title:

  • Embodied Interaction and Dance

Presentation Title:

  • Perceiving Physical Media Agents: Exploring Intention in a Robot Dance Partner



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    Keywords: 3Performance, Media Objects, Robot, Perception, Intention, HCI, Spatial Interaction, Interactive Performance.

    The use of media in interactive performance is continually developing. Performers are exploring increasingly complex relationships with media agents including robots. One common approach to developing performer-media relationships is to base the interaction on pre-set patterns and direct control of the media. However, performance theory shows that performer-performer interactions incorporate elements of improvisation. Two key elements are trust and the perception of intention, which provide the basis for reciprocal communication. Recent research has developed models for performer-media interaction that incorporate reciprocal communication in the context of performer improvisation with ephemeral (audio/ light based) media agents. This project explores whether these same principles of embodiment apply to physical (robotic) media in performance. One might expect that a performer senses (sees or hears) the movement of media object and responds to it regardless of the form of the media (ephemeral or physical). However, research in performers’ cognitive process suggests that their intersubjective and cross-sensory perception produces subtle differences in the perception of ephemeral and physical media. We suggest these differences could have a great impact on their experience. We present our findings from two pilot studies exploring robots as interactive dance partners that use principles of embodiment as cues for interaction.

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