[Personal Nature]: An Artist’s Approach to Assistive Technology


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  • Art, Wellbeing and Society

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  • [Personal Nature]: An Artist’s Approach to Assistive Technology



  • (Short paper)

    Keywords: Assistive, Communication, Sonification, Embodiment, Art, Design, Therapy, Music, Data, Generative

    [Personal Nature] is an artistic intervention rooted in assistive communication technology. By using physiological sensors on the body a sonification is created, this is to amplify the minute non-verbal communication cues found in our heart and breath rates, temperature, and in the amount of moisture found on our skin, all processed through time. The goal of this sonification is to replicate the sounds of a park through real world recordings including birdsong, children’s laughter, wind and water as to create a space conductive to communication. The intended user of this technological intervention is a person who is in a coma or is otherwise (seemingly) unresponsive and their loved ones. This article explores the artist’s process of using art, design and research methodologies. By looking at the disruption through the lens of different philosophies while considering the benefits of nature, music therapy and communal healing this paper attempts to fully explore aesthetics within the hospitals critical care unit

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