Personal Observatory

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  • Personal Observatory




  • Poster Statement

    In our poster session we will show and discuss the interactive aspects of our sculptures from the series ‘Personal Observatory We will talk about three works in particular and show documentation of them projected through drawings, slides and video tape.

    1. “ABRI” 1994 an aluminum sound sculpture permanently located in the dunes facing the North Sea at Wijk aan Zee,  Netherlands
    2. “Turning point” 1995 a video sculpture with an interactive sensor. The sculpture is made from the following materials: copper steel aluminum 2 LCD screens 2 videotapes computer/ custom built controller.
    3. “RE: SEARCH” an interactive audio/video installation for a stone, a tree and a person. The sound in this work is recorded on many tracks of a C.D. and played off at random which also determines the position of the sound in space.