Play Connected: an online media game


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  • Education/Media (Papers)

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  • Play Connected: an online media game




  • A paper presentation about the project ‘Play Connected’. The project consists of a series of workshops with children in different places. Children in each location get a similar workshop in which they learn basic computer skills and basic HTML and in which they go out to explore their own neighbourhoods. With the material that they create during the workshop they make a simple online presentation, a website, in which the material from all children in the group is connected together. The same workshop is repeated at different locations with different groups of children. The materials from all different workshops are connected together into one website. In this way the children can virtually connect together. By adding several game elements to the website, the children are motivated to also look at the materials that the children at other locations made.The project ‘Play Connected’ took place in 2013 in two small towns in Austria and two small towns in Slovenia. 24 children created material, which was connected together in a website and two games. By playing the games you will come across the materials from all different locations.In the project children are encouraged to go outside and look at their own environment from a different perspective. In connection with learning basic computer skills children gain self‑confidence. By connecting their work to the work of children in other cities they are encouraged to look at the work children of their age in other locations create.The project ‘Play Connected’ took place in July‑October in 2013 in Austria and   Slovenia. In January‑September 2014 Cym will do a similar project in The Netherlands. Currently media artist Cym (Simone van Groenestijn) is working on further developing the concept of the ‘Play Connected’ project.