Post‑digital territory: cultural and aesthetic geographies beyond new media


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  • Location/Space (Papers)

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  • Post‑digital territory: cultural and aesthetic geographies beyond new media



  • Both globalization process and the rise of new technologies of communication have recently imposed some radical changes not only on the categories of geography, but also on the same concept of ‘territory’. This process of transformation is tied to different complex phenomena, intertwining economy, culture and society, and at the same time opening up new perspectives which contrast old development models that are now in a deep crisis. In this scenario, factors like identity, sustainability and local culture provide a potential, unexpected centrality to territories, which modernists consider, though, marginal and peripheral. Starting from a methodological approach, in which different disciplines (such as sociology, aesthetics, anthropology, economy) and various research fields (such as design, tourism and food) converge, this paper delves into processes, mechanisms and transitions within this complex milieu; it will focus on the privileged viewpoint offered by art, a powerful research tool that combines different languages in order to frame its own language and that, at the same time is ‘ready to escape from its own next territory, without giving up the idea of dwelling somewhere’ (F.Casetti), building a dimension which is ‘glocal’ par excellence.