Post-Humanism in Post-Modern Dance


Session Title:

  • Bodies and Presence

Presentation Title:

  • Post-Humanism in Post-Modern Dance



  • (Short paper)

    Keywords: Post-Humanism, Post-Modern Dance, Mechanically Generated Art, Sensed Body.

    Post-modern art has adapted to post-humanism, and has begun to use technological advances as an extension of the human body. This paper will address the technological transformation occurring in the post-modern post-human dance era. The primary focus will be on pixelated representations of the moving body, mechanically generated art, and extensions of the physical body through technological sensing systems. The use of technology as an extension of the physical body in post-modern dance is a model of human computer interaction in the post-human era. This model can be utilized to maintain a connection between the physical body and an environment that is shifting faster than the evolution of the biological body.

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