Projects and Discussion


Session Title:

  • Dublin Forum

Presentation Title:

  • Projects and Discussion



  • E-mobileart lab + MediaLab Prado present their projects and discuss collaborative art-science practice.

    European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists (e-MobiLArt) is a project tailored around the process of collaboratively creating interactive installation artworks. Such mediated environments may involve the use of ubiquitous computing, communication networks and mobile or locative media technologies. Participants in this project are artists and scientists who are active in creating interactive media art or pursuing innovative interdisciplinary research and wish to collaborate in order to create interactive media artworks.

    Project Coordination:

    • University of Athens (Greece), Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Laboratory of New Technologies in Education, Communication and Mass Media.


    • University of Applied Arts, Vienna (Austria)
    • University of Lapland (Finland)

    Curatorial Advisors:

    • Nina Czegledy
    • Annick Bureaud
    • Christiana Galanopoulou

    Associate Partners:

    • Leonardo/OLATS
    • State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (Greece)
    • Academy of Fine Arts – Gallery, Katowice (Poland)
    • Cycling74 (USA)
    • 1-CubeX (Canada)
    • Haute Ecole `Groupe ICHEC-ISC St Louis-ISFSC’ (Belgium)


  • CULTURE 2007 Programme of the European Union