“Promoting Underrepresented Culture through Media Arts Collaboration” presented by Wu


Session Title:

  • Hybridisation and Purity (Long Papers)

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  • Promoting Underrepresented Culture through Media Arts Collaboration




  • This paper presents the practice of designing mediation technologies as artistic tools to expand the human repertoire. Three artscience collaborations: Mandala, Imagining the Universe, and Resonance of the Heart are elaborated as proof-of-concept case studies. Scientifically, the empirical research examines the mappings from (bodily) action to (sound/visual) perception in technology-mediated performing art. Theoretically, the author synthesizes media arts practices on a level of defining general design principles and post-human artistic identities. Technically, the author implements machine learning techniques, digital audio/visual signal processing, and sensing technology to explore post-human artistic identities and give voice to underrepresented groups. Realized by a group of multinational media artists, computer  engineers, audio engineers, and cognitive neuroscientists, this work preserves, promotes, and further explores underrepresented cultures with emerging technologies.

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