“Race, Representation & Digital Divides: New Media Art as Transcultural Interface” presented by Kluszczynski


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  • Histories of the New Sessions

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  • Race, Representation & Digital Divides: New Media Art as Transcultural Interface



  • In the area of new media communication art we have to do with the process of cultural hybridisation. Net art may assume all discussed forms: expression of local culture, an agent of modernization, or a personal fantasy, being however in each case a merger of different and unpredictable cultural systems. Problem of identity belongs to the most discussed questions in the field of cultural studies nowadays. In most of the cases it is closely related to the issue of cyberculture and its characteristic instruments of expression: new digital communication media. Debates on identity in the context of new media aim to develop critical discourses concerning the position and features of the individual in the age of the global transcultural communication. Discussions, which locate such problems in the framework of art, extend sometimes the psychological concept of identity understood as an approach to specify a set of qualities defining the individual in order to ask about the identity of the work of art.

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